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Right now it takes the form of a decision — a decision you have made to take control of your life.

Chicks Who Lift is an online coaching system and community of women who seeking education and empowerment. As part of the tribe, you will receive all the information, guidance, tools and resources relating to training, nutrition and mindset required to achieve your goals and reach your highest potential.

I understand that every woman is an individual with a unique set of goals, challenges, motivations, budget & lifestyle considerations. It is for this reason I offer a range of different coaching products & services which will enable you to work with me as your coach & ensure you are getting the level of support that suits your special little snowflake you!

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Fundamentals of weight training

Training for your goal

Breaking through plateaus

New programs available every month

+ more

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How much should you be eating?

Eating for your goals

Which macro split is right for you


+ more

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Effective goal-setting

Identifying self-sabotage

Daily rituals for success

Hack your willpower

+ more


“I used to run every day as a way to control my weight and relieve stress however I had no idea I was doing more damage than good. It wasn’t until I began strength training under Ash’s guidance that i finally began to see my body transform - and I’ve never felt better!”


I lost 20kg when I was tired of yo-yo dieting and finally reached out to Ash for help. I always had a terrible relationship with food and my body however since I started lifting weights and learning how to eat on a sensible, sustainable way I’ve managed to keep all the weight off whilst still enjoying life. I love my new lifestyle!


I transitioned from “cardio queen” to lifting weights a year ago and have never looked back. I can’t believe how my body has changed and I absolutely love how much confidence feeling strong has given me.


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